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Friday, February 13, 2015

Procedure and Party Power

Politico recently published this piece about Boehner's efforts to control the House Republican majority.

According to the article, Boehner has threatened to remove members in cushy committee leadership positions if they vote against him on rules. As we saw in the Straus reading, procedure is critical to the majority party and having fellow Republicans vote against advantageous procedure on appropriations and other legislation is counterproductive.

This isn't the first time Boehner has threatened to remove committee leadership for insubordination. The article mentions that Boehner removed Reps. Nugent and Webster from the Rules Committee after Webster campaigned for the Speakership and Nugent backed him.

The rebellion of Republicans under their own Speaker is telling of the divisions within the party. As the deadline for funding the Department of Homeland security approaches, it will be interesting to see if Boehner can control his party and keep having effective procedure power on the floor.

Boehner and his power gavel

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