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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boehner on DHS: House Has "Done Its Job," "Waiting for Senate"

In a press conference Wedensday, John Boehner said he is waiting for Senate "pass a bill," implying GOP Senators should act first in the Department of Homeland Security impasse. Nevertheless, he specifically called out Senate Democrats in their efforts to filibuster the bill in the Senate due to its .

Senate moved forward with bill, after Democrats ceased their filibuster. The had previously objected to provisions in the funding bill designed to curb President Obama's immigration order. The Senate passed a "clean" bill today (an "engrossed bill) 98-2.

In moving the bill forward, Sen. Cruz promises not to sandbag, as he believes small delays will not make a difference in the GOP leadership's "fatally flawed" strategy. 

House GOP, in "wait and see mode," still appear divided on the issue, with more conservative members deeply concerned over DHS implementation of Obama's immigration orders. At any rate, Boehner will likely need help from House Democrats in order to pass the Senate's engrossed bill in the House as dissension in the House GOP ranks continues.    

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