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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Word on the Tweet

Were you wondering what Congressmen were thinking while listening to Obama's speech last night? If you had been subscribed to their Twitter accounts, you would have known. An article in the Sydney Herald was rather critical of America's politicians. The title alone, "Politicians twitter throughout address to Congress like bored schoolchildren" reflects the tone of the article and gives you a a good idea of what it is about. The article makes one think about the use of technology, especially BlackBerrys, by those governing our Nation. President Obama was unwilling to give his BlackBerry up when he became president and clearly some Congressmen are addicted to them as well. The article is short but insightful and at points will certainly make you laugh. The Huffington Post has a slightly less disapproving article, "Impolite or Not, Congress Twittered While Obama Spoke".
Also, for background information on Twitter, Wikipedia on "Twitter"
To see if your Congressman twitters, check here

A few quotes from last night that are relevant to the recent Baker reading:

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY): "Sitting in my seat on House Floor. Had to arm wrestle for it. Colleagues get very possesive about where they sit. Bruises and welts." - 2/24, 8:24 PM

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR): "Location! Presiding today I delivered message no more reserving seat by taping your name. Have to be there. And they are, early." - 2/24, 8:28 PM

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX): "Somehow the best seats are reserved for the Senators." - 2/24, 8:33 PM

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