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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The other shoe?

I (and I assume a number of you) am eating my words on Tom Daschle today. Despite earlier claims that he would push on in the face of his own tax fraud and despite even the significant support which has rallied around him, he has withdrawn from consideration for Health and Human Services. For now we can only speculate, but it's hard to resist drawing the conclusion that this surprise move is preempting the revelation of a larger scandal.

See: the times


Jesse Blumenthal said...

What goes around....

Check out this video posted by Prof. Pitney


Luke said...

You beat me to it! It could be a larger scandal, but to me the size of the violation and the type of violation was enough to warrant his withdrawal. He didn't pay $128,000 in taxes on a car service given to him by a private equity firm for consulting, as opposed to $34,000 taxes on income alone (Geithner). This pretty much flies in the face of Obama's focus on ethics and transparency.

Carissa Tudor said...

Daschle Replacement and Emanuel...rather timely I thought.


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