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Monday, February 20, 2012

Democratic Simulation Roles

Armed Services – Panetta’s plan to downsize the military (including use of drones) 
  • Levin (MI): Alex Heiney
  • Lieberman: Heather Siegel 
  • Nelson: Noah Proser
  • Webb: Kyle Woods
  • McCaskill: Patrick Paterson
  • Begich: Chloe Cotton
  • Manchin: Walker Adams
  • Gillibrand: Lauren Kenney
HELP – higher education policy (including for-profit schools) 
  • Harkin: Christopher Eldred
  • Mikulski: Nasya Sierra
  • Bingaman:  Anna Eames
  • Murray: Maren Hotvedt
  • Sanders: Megan MacColl
  • Casey: Elizabeth Van Buskirk
  • Franken: Wendy Qian 
  • Reid [added for simulation]: Jordan Santo
Judiciary – intellectual property (including SOPA and PIPA)  
  • Leahy: Ryan Shaffer
  • Kohl: Courtney Searls
  • Feinstein: Robert Chew
  • Schumer: Mary Doyle
  • Durbin: Dave Meyer
  • Whitehouse: Alex Saslaw
  • Klobuchar:  Ellen Lebow

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