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Saturday, February 15, 2014

For those of you who need a break from binging through House of Cards (if you haven't already, that is), here's a couple of interesting reads.

If you're thinking about who you'll play in the Congress Simulation, here's some things to give you a few ideas about potential characters. The Washingtonian's Best and Worst of Congress 2012, and Who Are the Best and Worst Bosses on the Hill? 

And for those of you with political careers in mind, remember that opposition researchers will be watching. Politico: Confessions of a Political Private Eye


Pitney said...

The author of the Politico article sounds like Mike Ehrmantraut. http://breakingbad.wikia.com/wiki/Mike_Ehrmantraut

William Mitchell said...

Hopefully he doesn't end up dead in a ditch...

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