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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fact-Checking ‘House of Cards’ and Its ‘Senate of Cards’ Sequence

In case you haven't read enough news articles on House of Cards yet, Roll Call published an article Friday describing a situation in 1988 when missing Senators were arrested and escorted to the Capitol by Sergeant-at-Arms Henry Giugni, proving this situation happens not only in House of Cards and Claremont Congress class simulations, but also in the real Senate!

An excerpt from the article: "After Giugni, a former Honolulu police officer, arrested Packwood and escorted him to the Capitol, Packwood told Giugni that he refused to enter the chamber under his own power. Giugni responded by ordering the officers to lift Packwood and carry him through the chamber doors, which he entered feet first at 1:19 a.m."


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