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Friday, March 8, 2013

Why the Rand Paul filibuster might not be such good news for the GOP

Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza wrote an article,titled "Why the Rand Paul filibuster might not be such good news for the GOP," on Rand Paul's thirteen hour fillibuster over the nomination of John Brennan. In the article, Cillizza explains that the filibuster may not have been a political win for the Republican Party due to the topics he addressed during his time on the floor. Paul chose to critisize the Obama Administration's position on drones which Cillizza explained did not help the Republican Party as the "the takeaway for most people will be that Paul-and lots of his Republican colleagues-were standing in opposition to drone strikes, which are remarkable popular with the American public." In addition Cillizza argues that Paul's filibuster, to the general public, was an example of "Washington Being Washington." The author, however, acknowledges that several Republican strategiests good for both Rand Paul and for the Republican Party and suggests that it will be a while before anyone can determine whether or not the filibuster was beneficial.  

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