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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gang of 8 close to immigration deal

Politico reports that the Gang of 8 is close to a deal on immigration saying that Senator Schumer, "expects the Senate Judiciary Committee to take up the bill in April before floor debate in the late spring or early summer".  Senator Rubio also said that he was optimistic that a bill would be produced soon after the Easter recess.   

Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy expressed frustration at hearing on Wednesday that a bill hadn't been introduced yet, and he wouldn't be able to hold a markup until May at the earliest. He noted that the senators in the Gang of Eight had given themselves an original deadline of early March, and he’s urged President Barack Obama “for months” to introduce a bill.  

We will see in the next couple of week if the Gang of 8 will be able to introduce a bill before the summer.  


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