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Sunday, February 17, 2013

CBC Members Push President to Embrace Causes

Since we learned about the CBC last week in one of the readings, I thought I'd share this article about possible tensions between the caucus and Obama's recent cabinet appointments. Some parts of the article are below:

About one month into her new position leading the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Marcia L. Fudge already has shown a willingness to push the nation’s first African-American president aggressively behind the scenes to embrace her group’s priorities.

Privately, the relationship between the two entities has been complicated for a long time, with members complaining about social snubs and Obama’s reluctance to address the high black unemployment rate head on.
In late 2011, the disagreements culminated in a public spat. But more often, they have been masked. White House officials are sensitive to any conflict being reported in the press, and CBC members often hold their tongues.

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