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Friday, April 13, 2012

Points from Kevin McCarthy's Ath Talk

Some notes for people who could not make it. I did not double check with the Ath recording, so there might be some errors.

• Republicans’ reaction to losing the majority in the House was like the 5 Psychological Stages of Death (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance)
• Bonded with Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor because they were freshman and no one wanted to hang out with them.
• Compared 2012 with 1980 (losing international competitiveness, bad economy, need to balance budget); 2012 will also be an election of big ideas.
• Asking the Fed to buy debt is like making a loan to yourself
• Role of whip in the House has changed. McCarthy is known as the Whip Dude (as opposed to Tom DeLay “the Hammer”)
• Opposes high speed rail because it’s not “a good business plan.”
• America should popularize people who research medical technology. Establish a grand prize / incentive for the first person who discovers the cure cancer.
• The Water Resources Development Act was hard to pass but he joined the water districts and passed it.
• Speaker Boehner has a lot of patience. He is responsible and that's why he's qualified as the speaker.

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