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Friday, April 8, 2011

Gingrich first out of the gate?

RealClearPolitics article posted by Scott Conroy

"A statement released by Newt Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler...reports that the former House speaker would announce the formation of a presidential exploratory committee on Thursday in Georgia...poised to become the first major Republican candidate to make a formal move into the 2012 race."

So far "potential candidates [have been] traveling to early voting states and eyeing each other cautiously, while not yet officially launching their campaigns. Several other serious contenders for the Republican nomination still appear to be weeks, if not months, away from making their own decisions."

Potential Pros:
-"Being the first candidate to announce...generate[s] a lot of buzz" (Tim Albrecht, the communications director for Republican Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad)
-Causes a domino effect, and other contenders formally enter the race before they may have wanted.
-More time to utilize "grassroots politics" and gather supporters

Potential Cons:
-Make oneself prematurely vulnerable to political attacks from rivals
-Burn through "precious financial resources almost a year before the first votes are cast"

"If Gingrich does indeed take the plunge, his every utterance will be parsed," and with "a reputation for generating controversy through off-the-cuff comments, the former speaker will have to be more careful than ever in avoiding self-inflicted wounds as he transitions from the contemplative stage to an active campaign."

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