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Friday, April 8, 2011

As it turns out, every group has some form of government advocacy

Thanks to these people, registered sex offenders do, in fact, have a voice.

"RSOL is not just a lobby group. The primary purpose of RSOL is to influence public opinion about the growing national hysteria concerning sex offenders and deviant sexual behavior. Specific strategies include promoting research, publishing articles and writing letters to the editor to demand that real protection of children from sexual harm be couple with civil liberties for all people concerned, including alleged sex offenders. We also support changing or amending existing laws that violate the rights of offenders and do nothing to protect children, especially those that humiliate and shame offenders, those that criminalize consensual sex among adolescents and young adults, those that restrict the residences and employment of offenders, and those that continue to incarcerate offenders who have completed their sentences under so-called civil commitment. We ure our state groups to propose such amendments, and also to oppose new, draconian legislation."

Here's another one, although they seem to operate at the state level.

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