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Monday, February 11, 2008

Use of Campaign Funds

Emily raised a good question about restrictions on the use of campaign funds. See the FEC guide for candidates, especially chapter 9. The short answer is that candidates indeed have a good deal of latitude, provided that the money does not end up in their own pockets.

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Emily said...

Wow, I feel bad for the campaign who set the precedent regarding use of funds for funerals and cremations! Though I can't say I oppose limiting the politicization of funerals. ("If only my opponent wasn't opposed to stem cell research, who knows where Cousin Johnny would be now!")

It sounds like the scenario that I was wondering about would be fair game, under these rules. I don't see why an eccentric candidate with a big war chest couldn't, in theory, use donated funds to open a clinic or park. It would be an obvious stunt, but a stunt that would more than pay for itself in free media, and a stunt that your opponents would have to respond to very carefully. If only West Wing were still on...

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