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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The VP Debate May Not be Important to Voters, but it's Important to Mike Pence

Two opinion pieces appeared in RollCall on Monday about Mike Pence and how this VP Debate plays into his bright future within the GOP. Piece 1 and Piece 2.

If the Presidential debates only influence a small percentage of voters, then the VP debate affects no one. These articles focus on the political potential for Pence in the upcoming debate and what that may mean for his future within the party. Honestly, I never thought too much about how the VP debates or even the VP position can be used as a political spring board for rising stars within the party, so these opinion pieces offer an interesting take on the down-the-road future for each of the parties. The first article, Pence and the Path to Power for the GOP, claims the Democratic party lacks a "deep and talented bench of future stars" and points the generational gap between most Democrat leaders and under-40 voters. Do y'all believe this assessment of the state of the Democratic party? Do you think Mike Pence and the others listed in the article make up a "deep and talented bench" that will strengthen their party in the coming years?

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