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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Congressional Elections IV: The Big Picture

Bill numbers.  REMEMBER THAT BILL NUMBERS START AFRESH WITH EACH NEW CONGRESS.  H.R. 1234 is the 112th Congress is not the same as H.R> 1234 in the 113th Congress.

Why relatively little on TV?  Consider districts and DMAs

Other elements of campaigning

Party Strategy:  Back to the Four Postures (years indicate status going into election)

                                                Majority                      Minority

            Pres Party                   GOP in 06                   GOP in 08
                                               Dems in 10                  Dems in 12, 14, 16
            Out Party                    GOP in 12, 14             GOP in 10
                                               Dems in 08                  Dems in 06

All politics is national:

All politics is local:  incumbent protection

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