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Monday, March 2, 2009

Another way to 60

We all know that Judd Gregg almost took the Commerce Secretary slot in Obama's Administration, leaving open the option of a filibuster-proof Democratic caucus should his replacement have been a Democrat.  But he balked, and Democratic hopes for 60 were destroyed... until now.

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning recently let slip to a group of lobbyists that if his efforts to seek re-election were hampered by the many Republicans urging him not to run again, he would resign his seat in Congress.  This resignation would give Kentucky's Democratic Governor the ability to name a Democratic replacement for Bunning, giving Dems 59 seats.  Al Franken, once the recount challenges are over and he is seated would give Democrats the magic number.  Bunning has since denied that he has said this.  He also has threatened to sue the NRSC if they recruit a primary challenger.  Really, this race provides so much entertainment it's unbelievable.

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