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Monday, April 14, 2008

A "Key Endorsement"

Hillary, McCain, and the entire cable news juggernaut have been harping for days over the "condescending" remarks Obama made about small town America. I think the comments were pretty benign, but hey. They have to talk about something 24 hrs per day, so why not this?

Amid all of this BS, I enjoyed this little bit of irony: before launching into another segment on Obama's "elitist" attitudes, MSNBC News anchor Tamryn Hall announced a "Key Endorsement" for Obama from.... Dan Rooney. (for non sports fans, Dan Rooney is the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you knew that already, I apologize for my blatant elitism)

I enjoy a world where cable news feels that Pennsylvania voters are too sophisticated for Obama's remarks on economic frustrations, but they are simple enough that DAN ROONEY is a "Key Endorsement".

Maybe Obama should amend his remarks to say that when there is economic hardship, rural voters cling to things like religion, guns, and NFL team owners.

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